1. The act or an instance of transmuting; transformation; the state of being transmuted.
2. The change of one chemical element into another by a nuclear reaction or a series of nuclear reactions.
3. The supposed conversion of base metals into gold or silver in alchemy.
4. The transformation of one species into another.
5. Any process in which a nuclide is transformed into a different nuclide.
6. A doctrine in property law which allows the conversion of a marital or community property interest into separate property.
7. An act or instance of converting a property interest in accordance with the doctrine of transmutation


Transmutation - The variable of Constable: Hope (Scene on a navigable sea), 2016Transmutation - The variable of Constable: Hope (Scene on a navigable sea), 2016
The variable of Constable: Hope (Scene on a navigable sea)
, 2016
Canvases, pine wood, emulsion and oil paint, fraction of a landscape reproduction and lead
70x100x3 cm

Transmutation - Le ciel (The sky), 2015
Le ciel (The sky)
, 2015
Window wood panel, pine wood and lead
104x119x5,5 cm

Transmutation - L’horizon (The horizon), 2015
L’horizon (The horizon)
, 2015
Window wood panel, pine wood and lead
86x112x5 cm

Transmutation - Denkbild (Image-Thought), 2015
Denkbild (Thought-Image)
, 2015
Canvas inner structure, pine wood, emulsion paint and lead
60x50x3,5 cm

Transmutation - Bataille (Le combat), 2015Transmutation - Bataille (Le combat), 2015
Bataille (Le combat)
, 2015
Canvas, pine wood, blue velvet, emulsion paint and lead
100x80x4,5 cm

Transmutation - There is no alternative, 2015Transmutation - There is no alternative, 2015
There is no alternative
, 2015
Window, napa leather, pine wood and lead
74x104x5,5 cm

Transmutation - Landscape transmutation, 2015Transmutation - Landscape transmutation, 2015
Landscape transmutation
, 2015
Window wood panel, lead, metal fittings, acrylic glass, velvet, pine wood and wax
52,5x84x2 cm

Transmutation - Regarde le ciel (Look at the sky), 2015
Regarde le ciel (Look at the sky)
, 2015
Woodframe, pine wood and lead
117,5x98x4 cm