“‘Wood’ is an old name for forest. In the wood there are paths, mostly overgrown, that come to an abrupt stop where the wood is untrodden. They are called Holzwege. Each goes its separate way, though within the same forest. It often appears as if one is identical to another. But it only appears so. Woodcutters and forest keepers know these paths. They know what it means to be on a Holzweg.”

– Martin Heidegger; Holzwege


Holzwege - Monument #01, 2018Holzwege - Monument #01, 2018
Monument #01
, 2018
Mixed media assemblage
54,5x18x19 cm

Holzwege - On the shape of things to come, 2018
On the shape of things to come
, 2018
Mixed media assemblage
106×69,5×10,5 cm

Holzwege - Composition (Still life), 2018
Composition (Still life)
, 2018
Woodframe, acrylic glass, silicon, different wood types, spray paint, graphite, adhesive tape, bees wax and marble
63x46x12,5 cm

Holzwege - Dialectics of hidden meanings, 2016-18
Dialectics of hidden meanings
, 2016-18
Grid from used canvas, fragment of landscape reproduction, several wood types, spray paint, oil paint, bees wax and varnish
99x66x11,5 cm

Holzwege - A fence with a view, 2016
A fence with a view
, 2016
Cutted canvas, fragment of landscape reproduction, pine wood, varnish and spray paint
70x50x4 cm

Holzwege - Sculpture (after Broodthaers), 2016Holzwege - Sculpture (after Broodthaers), 2016
Sculpture (after Broodthaers)
, 2016
Suitcase and cutted canvases grids
45x34x40 cm

Holzwege - The Bow and the Lyre, 2014
The Bow and the Lyre
, 2014
Mahogany, sisal rope, marble, cloths, plastic clumbs, sponge, buckets and water
Variable dimensions

Holzwege - O Gaspeador (The ripper), 2013Holzwege - O Gaspeador (The ripper), 2013
O Gaspeador (The ripper)
, 2013
Mahogany, iron fittings, paper, glass flasque, steel nails and ashes
47x33x8,5 cm